Pee Wee Football\Cheer and Flag 2018

pee wee sign up form 2018
Information Sheet Regarding Pee Wee Football

Information Sheet Regarding West Fork Pee Wee Football/Cheerleading/Flag Program
Please DO NOT RETURN info sheet.

1. West Fork Pee Wee Football/Cheer deadline for signups will be July24, 2018. Flag deadline Aug. 25.
2. Forms for football/cheer must be turned in by July 24, so that teams can be finalized and prepared to begin practice on August 1st.
3. Participants must be going in to the 3rd* – 6th grade to be eligible for Football. *If there is an excessive amount of kids registered to play, 3rd graders could be restricted from participating.
4. Participants must be going in to the 4th – 6th grade to be eligible for Cheerleading.
5. Participants must be going in to the 1st – 3rd grade to be eligible for Flag
6. 6th grade football players will have to provide birth certificates.
7. The age and grade requirements for football are from the rules and regulations of the WCFL league.
8. Participants must attend school in the West Fork School District to be eligible to play in the Pee Wee Program. Children that live in the West Fork School District and DO NOT attend another school may also participate.
9. Registration fee is $50 Football, $35 Cheerleading, $25 Flag. Families with 3 or more children playing in the West Fork Pee Wee program will pay a maximum of $100. No Refunds.
10. Participants whose forms are not turned in by July 24, will only be placed on teams that have not reached a maximum of 30 players for football. There is a limited amount of equipment available and we do not want to create an excessive number of participants and affect kids playing times. Late registration fee of $15 may apply to those that come in late that are able to be placed on a roster.
11. Medical insurance will not be provided by the league, committee or City of West Fork. Any expenses from injuries incurred will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
12. Each parent must complete the following forms before their child will be permitted to participate in practices or games.
a. Sign up/registration form.
b. Parent/Player Code of Conduct Form
13. WCFL consist of the following cities: West Fork, Greenland and other surrounding teams. Participants will be required to travel to other cities for games.
14. Flag is the City of West Fork and Greenland only.
15. Football Equipment: The following items are provided: helmet, mouth guard, all needed pads, game jerseys, and practice and game pants.
a. If a participant wishes to use their own helmet it must be NOCSAE approved.
b. The mouthpiece provided will be readily visible and must be worn during all practices and games.
c. If you destroy or lose your mouth guard, you will need to replace it at your own expense. The coaches will have extras available to purchase at cost.
d. If you have braces, please consult your Orthodontist for proper mouth protection.
e. Each participant must provide their own: molded cleat football shoes (no removable cleats), socks, shorts and practice jerseys. Some donated cleats/practice jerseys may be available if needed.
f. Other personal equipment such as gloves, neck braces, ankle brace, rib protectors, eye shields etc. will not be provided.
g. No eye shields may be worn that restricts the ability to see a player’s eyes. The shield must be clear in order to observe concussion symptoms.
h. Athletic supporter straps are recommended.
i. When season is over, each player will be required to turn in all issued equipment with the exception of their mouthpiece.
16. Cheerleading participants are provided with uniforms and pom-poms. Additional cost for shoes, warm-ups, etc. may apply.
17. Flag participants will be provided with flags. Additional cost for team shirts may apply.
18. Sponsorships and donated items are often available to help with additional cost.
19. The football/cheer league season will usually start early September. Regular season will be 6 weeks with 2 weeks of playoffs at the end of regular season.
20. Football/Cheer games are played on Saturdays. Times may vary. Typically we do not have to reschedule games, but if we do games could be played another day of the week.
21. Flag season will usually begin mid-September and run 5-6 weeks.
22. Flag games are typically played on Monday or Tuesday, depending on stadium availability.
23. Practice times and days may vary. Practice regulations for football/cheer are as followed:
a. The Parks Director and Head Coach will schedule practice times.
b. Teams will be allowed to practice 4 times a week until school begins. Once school begins, practice will be decreased to 3 times a week when the team does not have a scheduled game and 2 times a week when the team does have a scheduled game. On game weeks, an additional 1 hour walk-through practice with no pads (helmets required) for football will be permitted.
c. Practices will be limited to two hours per practice, which includes stretching and conditioning time. A mandatory ten (10) minute break with provided water is required after each 45 minutes of practice. Mandatory breaks are not counted against the two hour practice limit. Obviously, more breaks are permitted and encouraged to look out for the health and welfare of the players and coaches.
d. No practices on Sunday’s or Wednesday’s, unless approved by Director.
e. Football Teams will adhere to league and AAA regulations pertaining to practicing with or without pads to begin the season.
24. Flag typically practices one time a week.
25. Pee Wee/Flag is a learning program. Coaches are strongly encouraged to make participation in this program equal, while trying to be competitive. Keep in mind this can be very difficult, based on amount of players and the fact that other participating cities do not have playing time requirements.
26. Playing time rules:
a. Pee Wee Football playing time rules: All players will play a minimum of 10 plays per game, to be divided between both halves of play. Playing time rules do not apply for playoff games. Exceptions to this rule can be made for disciplinary reasons and/or practice/game attendance (if participant does not attend practice, they may not play). Playing time is always at the discretion of the coaches, based on attitude, work ethic, skill, and other contributing factors.
b. Cheerleading/Flag Coaches may limit cheering/playing time for disciplinary reasons and/or practice/game attendance (if participant does not attend practice, they may not cheer/play). Cheering/playing time is always at the discretion of the coaches, based on attitude, work ethic, skill, and other contributing factors. Otherwise cheer/play time should be as equal as possible.
27. There will be an admission fee of: $3 per adult 18+, 17 and under admitted free, for Pee Wee games at all locations. NO passes of any kind will be accepted. Fees are set by the league and subject to change. No admission for flag.
28. Please be aware there is to be NO drinking, smoking, drugs or tobacco use on school or city property or facilities.
29. Please inform the coach and/or Director of any allergies and/or medical conditions that may be relevant to your child participating in the West Fork Pee Wee Program.
30. Anyone interested in coaching will need to fill out the Coach’s Application and will be subject to approval by the Coaches Selection Committee. This includes Head and Assistant Coaches. Not everyone applying is guaranteed to get to coach. Previous experience and history in coaching, and otherwise, will be considered in the review process.
31. If you have questions, please contact the West Fork Parks Director. The Director can be reached via email at or phone at 479-839-2342. Please give your name, child’s name, child’s age, and a description of your question when contacting the coordinator via email or phone message.