Baseball\Softball Signups!

Registration for the 2024 City of West Fork Baseball, Softball & T-Ball (ages 5-14) season has begun! Signup forms, information sheets, waivers and coaching applications can be downloaded below or picked up at City Hall (164 N. Centennial). For more information email All forms and waivers must be returned to City Hall during regular business hours or can be dropped in the afterhours drop box. $50 Registration Fee with $100 family maximum. Scholarship oppurtunities available upon request. Online registration is available by clicking the link below. Payment required at time of registration. Credit card fees may apply. Sign up today! Deadline is February 21st.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: Must pay with credit card at time of registration.


 Information Sheet Regarding West Fork Summer Baseball/Softball Program

  1. West Fork Summer ball deadline for signups will be February 21, 2024.
  2. Forms must be turned in by February 21 so that we can determine how many participants are in each age division and so we can place teams with coaches for each age group.
  3. Boys must NOT turn 15 before May 1, 2024, or they will not be eligible to play in WCCL.
  4. Girls must NOT turn 15 before January 1, 2024, or they will not be eligible to play in WCCL.
  5. Age exception for 14U divisions – a player can be 15 if they are still in the 8th grade.
  6. The Age requirements are from the rules and regulations of the USSSA, with WCCL modifications.
  7. Participants must either attend or reside in the West Fork School District.
  8. Registration fee is $50 per child. Families with 3 or more children playing in the West Fork Summer Ball program will pay a maximum of $100.
  9. Participants whose forms are not turned in by February 21 will only be placed on teams that need additional players as determined by the Director and/or team coach. Participants will not be added to teams that will create an excessive number of players and affect kids’ playing times. Late registration fee of $15 may apply to those that come in late that are able to be placed on a roster.
  10. Coaches will be responsible for contacting participants/parents of members of their team. This contact should take place the first week or two of March. If you haven’t heard from a coach regarding your child by March 15, then contact the Director regarding having your child’s coach contact them.
  11. Participants will need to purchase their own ball gloves and cleats. Donated gloves and cleats may be available if needed. Parents are encouraged to purchase participants their own batting helmets for each player. Participants may need to purchase their own bat, or they may be able to share with other kids on the team. The team coach should be consulted on matters concerning shared bats and/or helmets. Please consult with team coach or the Director before purchasing any helmets or bats, to make sure the equipment meets league requirements.
  12. The West Fork Summer Ball League provides catchers equipment only to teams. All other equipment and uniforms are the responsibility of each team player or coach. Team helmets and bats may be available if needed. 
  13. Each team is responsible for uniforms. Sometimes teams are sponsored by a business or individual for uniforms or parts of uniforms. Sometimes each individual is responsible for paying for their uniform for that particular team. This is an issue that will be addressed by the team coach as to whether you will have to pay anything towards a uniform. West Fork Summer Ball is not responsible for obtaining uniforms for each team.
  14. The league season will usually start around mid-April. Last games and tournament games will usually be over by mid-June. Plan on playing thru the 3rd week of June when trying to schedule summer vacations and other absences from League ball games.
  15. Games are usually played on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday nights. Games are not generally scheduled for Wednesday nights or weekends, unless reschedules are necessary due to rainouts or other cancellations and the games are not able to be fit into the regular 4 days of play.
  16. WCCL playing time rules: Defensively all players must have one (1) inning in the field and one (1) at bat or they must start the next game. Exceptions to this rule can be made for disciplinary reasons and/or practice/game attendance (if participant does not attend, they may not play). Playing time is always at the discretion of the coaches, based on attitude, work ethic, skill, etc. Exceptions for tournaments may apply.
  17. Practice times will be given to the coaches based on their requests and availability of fields. Practices can be any day of the week, depending upon the coaches’ schedule. Practice times or games may be moved as necessary to facilitate use of the High School Fields. High School has priority of use on fields #2 and #4. League comes behind high school usage for practices and games, during the High School season.
  18. End of season and All-Star tournaments DO require gate admission. Regular season games do not charge admission at any location; however, end of season and All-Star tournaments will be charging a gate admission to help pay for balls, trophies, umpires, etc. for those tournaments.
  19. Please be aware there is to be NO drinking, smoking, drugs, or tobacco use on ball field complex or facilities.  WCCL has a policy against these prohibited items, as well as the ball fields at West Fork are on City Property and we must follow their policies as well.
  20. Please inform the coach and/or Director of any allergies and/or medical conditions that may be relevant to your child participating in the West Fork Summer Ball program.
  21. Anyone interested in coaching will need to fill out the Coach’s Application and will be subject to approval by the Coaches Selection Committee. This includes Head and Assistant Coaches. Not everyone applying is guaranteed to get to coach. Previous experience and history in coaching in WCCL, and otherwise, will be considered in the review process.
  22. If you have questions, please contact the West Fork Parks Director. The Director can be reached via email at or phone at 479-839-2342. Please give your name, child’s name, child’s age, and a description of your question when contacting the coordinator via email or phone message.

The Parks Department is selling banner advertisements for our Carter Park Sports Complex. Information letter and sponsorship forms can be downloaded or picked up at City Hall. For more information call City Hall at 479-839-2342.

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